Setting an Intention

In the world of yoga, in the world of mindfulness we practice setting an intention.  I teach photography daily.  With that it is always my goal to bring out the artist in the student. So daily, I work to inspire.  

By the time Summer comes, I am ready to devote time to my vision.

I want to thank a few people right now that appear in this site as a result of my Summer intention.  I began with Holly.  Holly was willing as were the women that followed. Holly had no problem posing in the creek regardless of the humidity or the insects or the need for swim shoes on the jagged rocks.

I thank the three dancers who allowed me to dress them, bring them inside and out in the on again off again rain.  I thank the dancers who waited as I chased the light and ran into the woods to find the big leaves.  I know that they were not sure when I put them in the tarp lined kiddy pool with a tall ladder.

I thank Laurel, who was willing to pretend and hold a pose for as long as a dancer should.  I thank her for her elegance, grace and working so well with direction.

I thank my sister from another mother Dar, the artist.  Dar has been photographed by me many times but never like this.  

Lastly, the girls.  Thank you for being in front of your mother's camera and for all the psychology that goes with that...we did good.

I love you all you strong, independent, powerful women.  

Flesh and Bones